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Emile Chouriet


Emile Chouriet was born of the legendary distinction of Geneva watchmaker at the end of the 17th century. The brand name was reactivated by Jean Depéry to paying tribute to the collaboration between his ancestor François Dagobert Depéry and the master watchmaker.

Emile Chouriet


François Dagobert Depéry supplied Emile Chouriet with watch components. Emile Chouriet opened his workshop in Geneva where he developed his exceptional watchmaking skills. He excelled in watch decoration. Since 1998, the brand represents a successful family company established in Geneva, the cradle of prestigious watchmaking.

Emile Chouriet

Our values

Design, our uniqueness: in Meyrin, the team creates elegant and original designs. The double horns and their unique tapering shapes are the brand’s DNA. In each new collection a specific attention is paid to the details. They set Emile Chouriet watches apart from all others.

Quality of a reference brand: each mechanical movement of Emile Chouriet watch is of exceptional quality, manufactured and tested with greatest attention by our watchmakers. To maintain the excellence, Emile Chouriet invests in state-of-the-art technology. The company strictly applies quality control standards in order to continue to optimize the long-term high quality and value of the brand.

Craftmanship: its transmission is one of Emile Chouriet’s prime concerns. A solid training is provided to each member of the team. Combining lessons and work, employees benefit from the advice of master watchmakers providing them a rich and strong base for the future.

Emile Chouriet

Geneva watchmaking manufactory

Since its foundation in 1998, the Emile Chouriet manufactory symbolizes the success of a Swiss family company. Bringing together heritage of Geneva watchmaking know-how and elegance, Jean Depéry has created a company with talented craftsmen formed in the Swiss watchmaking tradition.

The overall increase in activity required the expansion of the manufactory. At the beginning of 2012, Emile Chouriet has established in the brand new manufactory in Meyrin. With the help of his new director, Patrick Jaton, Jean Depéry perpetuates Swiss watchmaking tradition. “Our responsibility is to bequeath the heritage of skilled craftsmanship to current and future generations.”